I Bot Bottle Sterilizer


R for Rabbit I Bot Bottle Sterilizer Steam for Baby Milk Bottle with LED Display

Tired of sterilizing each bottle every time your baby uses it? Don’t worry! We’ve  got your back with R for Rabbit iBot Sterilizer! This wonderful sterilizer is truly bliss for all moms. It can fit 6 bottles along with its accessories at once and sterilizes them in just 8minutes. You can just turn it on and carry on with your other chores while it keeps everything sterilized for up to 3hours. Its LED display can show how much time is left to sterilize and its finger touch sensor helps you to operate it smoothly. This smart sterilizer will notify you with 3 beeps once the process completes. Get R for Rabbit iBot Sterilizer today and experience the safest and easiest way to sterilize your baby’s products.

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Key Features

Safety First: R for Rabbit iBot Sterilizer is made of BPA-free material to ensure the complete safety of your baby.

Fits 6 bottles at once: With iBot sterilizer, you don’t  have to worry about sterilizing each bottle individually as it can easily fits 6 wide neck bottles with its accessories at once.

Sterilize in 8 minutes: Switch on the sterilizer and continue doing your work while it sterilizes everything in just 8minutes. You can even keep bottles & teats sterilized for up to 3 hours if the transparent cover is kept closed. You can also see the number of hours remaining via LED Display. Before switching on the sterilizer; firstly you need to pour 75ml of water on the hot plate provided.

LED Timer Display & Touch Control: Easily check how much time is left for the bottles to sterilize through a countdown displayed on its LED timer display & easily put on/off with the tap of a finger on touch control.

Gripping Tongs: iBot Sterilizer comes with gripping tongs as well so you can remove bottles and accessories from the sterilizer without any harm.

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