Manual Feeding Breast Pump



R for Rabbit First Feed Manual Feeding Breast Pump for Moms

We all know the importance of mother’s milk and how nutritious it is & plays a major role in child’s growth, but what if you are not available around your baby or going outdoors with your little one? R for Rabbit brings smart Manual Breast Pump for the smart moms of today to keep their source of baby’s growth uninterrupted. R for Rabbit Manual Breast Pumps technology is made to mimic the child’s suction pattern and its purely safe way to express the milk out. So, whether you are at work or going to attend any function or market, you can anytime carry the milk for your tiny tot.

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Key Features

Safety First: BPA Free and made with material which is safe for skin.
Ergonomic Design: Elegant design and made to use it with ease manually
4 Suction level adjustment: Opt for your comfortable power with 4 suction level adjustment
Easy to use: Sit comfortably with a straight posture to express the milk. Portable, soft, unbreakable, light in weight to carry it where ever you want.
Anti-Back Flow: Helps preventing the back flow to imitate the baby’s natural feeding style.
Comfortable and Easy to hold: Designed to make the process of expressing milk smoother.
Natural Feel: Homogeneous and soft suction like natural baby’s suction
Compact Design: Portable, soft, unbreakable, light in weight to carry it where ever you want.
Kindly Note: The Product is Non-Returnable, As per the hygiene clause

Wash Care Instructions

1. Use a bottle brush to gently scrub the inside of the bottle, paying attention to hard-to-reach areas.
2. Wash all parts with warm, soapy water using a mild, baby-friendly detergent. Avoid harsh or scented soaps.
3 Sterilize all new bottles, nipples, and components by boiling them in water for approximately 5-10 minutes or using a steam sterilizer.
4. Ensure thorough cleaning of nipples, including the holes. It is ideal to use a nipple brush while cleaning
5. Rinse all parts thoroughly with clean, hot water to eliminate any soap residue.
6. Avoid direct sunlight and high heat for durability.

Technical Specifications

Material: BPA Free
Country Of Origin: PRC
Name & Address of Manufacturer: Manufactured for and Marketed By R for Rabbit
Net Quantity: 1

Additional information


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